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Accuracy International AW50

General Facts

  • TYPE
    Anti-materiel rifle

    United Kingdom

    G24 (German service)

    1998 - 1999

    Accuracy International

    1999 - present

    United Kingdom - Accuracy International


    About $11.000 without optics in 1999
    About GBP 8.900 in 2010

    High production quality
    Good range
    High accuracy
    Large and cumbersome
    Very heavy
    Very expensive


The AW50 is an anti-materiel rifle of UK origin. It was developed in the late 1990's as a private venture given the increased demand for rifles chambered in .50 BMG / 12.7mm NATO. It is one of the heaviest and most expensive rifles in its class, but also one of the most accurate.


The design of the AW50 is based on the successful Arctic Warfare series. The AW50 is much larger than the AW series and differs in many aspects. It features a much larger and thicker receiver, a very different adjustable folding stock and a fluted barrel. The cylindrical muzzle brake is reported to be highly efficient. A Picatinny rail allows a variety of optics to be installed and no iron sights are fitted.


The AW50 fires the very powerful 12.7x99mm NATO round from a 5 round box magazine. The effective range is quoted as 1.500 m. Under favorable conditions longer ranges may be achieved.


The first major user of the AW50 was the Australian military. Additionally it has been acquired by Germany, the UK and various special units that are mainly of European origin.



The AW50 is an anti-material rifle based on the Arctic Warfare series, but is heavily modified. The AW50 features a much larger and thicker receiver, a very different adjustable folding stock and a fluted barrel with a cylindrical muzzle brake. The original development model was fitted with a multislotted muzzle brake, fixed stock, much heavier barrel and rear monopod that did not allow for much depression. The Australian version differs from the production model as it is fitted with a Madco barrel.

  • Specifications:
  • AW50
TypeAnti-materiel rifle
Caliber12.7x99mm NATO
Magazine5 rounds
OperationBolt-action, 6 lugs, 60° angle
Fire selector0-1
Rate of fireBolt-action
Barrel length692 mm
Rifling381 mm right hand twist
Muzzle velocity825 m/s
StockAdjustable, foldable
Length1.353 mm / 1.105 mm
Weight13.64 kg complete without scope
SightsVarious optics available, emergency iron sights, 200 to 1.000 m gradations
RemarksBipod, monopod

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