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General Facts

  • TYPE
    Grenade launcher



    Early 1990's

    KBP Tula

    1995 - present

    Russia - KBP Tula



    Wide range of ammunition
    Limited size
    Well suited for room clearing
    Rather heavy


The GM-94 is a grenade launcher of Russian origin. It was developed in the early 1990's by KBP Tula and was specifically designed for urban warfare. The wide variety of ammunition makes the GM-94 a very versatile system. Against infantry in buildings thermobaric rounds can be used, infantry in the open can be engaged with fragmentation rounds, shaped charge rounds will disable light armored vehicles and various non lethal rounds can be used during riots.


The GM-94 was derived from the RMB-93 shotgun and it has a similar layout. The rifled barrel that is fitted with a polymer heat shiels is located below the tubular magazine. The magazine holds three rounds or four in case of rubber baton rounds. The GM-94 is a pump action weapon and when a shot is fired the operator slides the barrel forward loading a new round. The GM-94 is fitted with either a tubular stock that folds upwards and has a rubber buttpad or a fixed stock. Flip up sights are located on top of the weapon.


The GM-94 fires a proprietary line of 43 mm grenades that includes thermobaric, high explosive, fragementation, shaped charge, tear gas, illuminating, signal, baton, rubber buckshot and flashbang rounds. The under barrel magazine holds three rounds and a single round is carried in the chamber. The maximum effective range is 300 meters, although rounds may reach as far as 600 meters. The thermobaric rounds are well suited for room clearing since they have a lethal radius of 3 meters and a safe radius of only a few meters more.


The GM-94 is used by Russian special forces and law enforcement units. It has been used in various conflicts. In law enforcement use it is mainly used with non-lethal ammunition. The GM-94 is available for export.



GM-94: The GM-94 is a multiple shot stand alone grenade launcher that fires a special range of ammunition. The GM-94 is mostly fitted with a tubular folding stock that acts as a carrying handle when folded. A version with fixed stock that extends from the pistol grip is also available.

TypeGrenade launcher
Caliber43mm Russian
Magazine3 + 1 in barrel
OperationPump action, double action trigger
Fire selector0-1
Rate of firePump action
Barrel length?
Muzzle velocity100 m/s
StockFoldable or fixed
Length810 mm / 540 mm
Width70 mm
Height320 mm stock folded, 230 mm stock extended
Weight4.8 kg empty
SightsIron sights, post front and adjustable rear, 75, 150 and 300 m gradations


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