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General Facts

  • TYPE
    Reconnaissance vehicle

    United States

    M1117 Guardian (US Army designation)

    1994 - 1997


    1999 - present

    United States - Textron

    About 2.000, more to be delivered

    About 700.000 USD for US Army
    About 1.000.000 USD in recent exports

    Well protected
    Well armed
    Small crew capacity


The ASV-150 is a patrol vehicle of US origin. It is the latest version of the Commando range of 4x4 armored vehicles used by many nations around the world. ASV stands for Armored Security Vehicle. Currently it is better known under its US military designation M1117 Guardian. At first only small quantities were acquired as uparmored HMMWVs are much cheaper. The threat of IEDs in Iraq led to large orders.


The ASV-150 was based on the then latest version of the Commando, the LAV-150ST. The hull is similar, but the suspension, armor and weapons stations have been improved. The crew of three consists of a commander, driver and gunner. The turret is fitted in the center of the vehicle and the engine is at the left in the rear.


The ASV-150 is equipped with the same Upgunned Weapon Station as fitted to the AAV-7A1 used by the US Marine Corps. The UGWS is fitted with a 40mm Mk.19 automatic grenade launcher and a 12.7mm M2HB heavy machine gun. Firing ports allow the crew to fire their weapons from inside the vehicle. For trails the CROWS remote controlled weapon station has been installed.


For a patrol vehicle the ASV-150 is quite well armored. The armor package consists of the steel hull of the earlier V-150ST fitted with MEXAS ceramic and appliqué modular armor. This provides protection against 14.5mm rounds fired from long range, 12.7mm AP rounds from 250 m distance and shell splinters and small arms fire from point blank range. The vehicle may survive blasts of 5 kg TNT under the wheels or 2 kg TNT directly under the vehicle.


The large wheels, 4x4 propulsion and high power to weight ratio give the ASV-150 a good cross country performance. On the road it is fast and can keep up with any other military vehicles. As it is larger than a HMMWV it may have some difficulties in urban areas.


The main user of the ASV-150 is the US Army. Most are deployed in Iraq and it is mainly used by military police to escort convoys. The Iraqi National Police has also been issued with the ASV-150 and those acquired by Bulgaria are also used in Iraq.



The ASV-150, also known as the M1117 ASV or Guardian, is a 4x4 patrol vehicle. It is fitted with a UGWS turret fitted with a 40mm Mk.19 automatic grenade launcher and a 12.7mm M2HB heavy machine gun. There are no variants of the ASV-150 although a variety of weapon systems may be fitted and specialist vehicles such as NBC reconnaissance may be developed.

TypeReconnaissance vehicle
Crew3+1 (commander, gunner, driver, passenger)
Length6.7 m
Width2.56 m
Height2.05 m hull roof, 2.46 m overall
Ground clearance0.46 m
Weight11.9 t unloaded, 13.4 t combat load
Ground pressure?
Wheelbase4x4, 14.00 R20 run flat tires, 3.02 m wheelbase, 2.14 m track
Turn radius8.35 m
EngineCummins 6CTA, 8.3 L 6-cylinder turbocharged diesel, 260 hp at 2.200 rpm
Power ratio19.4 hp/t
TransmissionAutomatic, 6 speed
Speed100 km/h on road
Fuel264 L
Range708 km at 64 km/h
Wall0.6 m
Gradient60% gradient, 40% slope
Fording1.5 m
ArmorSteel armor with ceramic composite appliqué plates
NBC equipmentYes
Night visionYes
Smoke2x4 smoke grenade launchers
Armament40mm Mk.19 AGL
12.7mm M2HB HMG
Weapon140mm Mk.19 automatic grenade launcher in turret
600 rounds, 100 ready to fire
-8 to +45 degrees elevation, 360 degrees traverse
Weapon212.7mm M2HB heavy machine gun as coaxial weapon
800 round, 200 ready to fire
traverse and elevation as main armament

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