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Type 89

General Facts

  • TYPE
    Mechanized infantry combat vehicle



    1981 - 1989

    Mitsubishi & Komatsu

    1989 - present

    Japan - Mitsubishi

    120 built as of 2014.


    Well armed
    High level of protection
    Good mobility
    Very expensive


The Type 89 is a mechanized infantry vehicle of Japanese origin. The requirement for such a vehicle was drafted in the early 1980's and the design was finished in the late 1980's. The Type 89 is a very capable and well armed vehicle. Due to its high costs only a limited number has been produced thus far.


The Type 89 has a conventional design with the driver, engine and drive train in the front of the vehicle. The two person turret is mounted in the middle and the infantry compartment is at the rear. The infanty exit through two doors at the rear.


The main armament of the Type 89 is the very powerful 35mm KDE autocannon. The cyclic rate of fire is 200 rpm. A 7.62mm Type 74 machine gun is fitted as a coaxial weapon. On either side of the turret a single Jyu-MAT anti-tank missile is fitted, which has a range of over 4 km. A total of 7 firing ports allows the use of personal weapons from within the vehicle.


The steel armor protects from small arms fire and shell splinters from all angles. Over the frontal arc the protection level is much better and may prove sufficient against 25mm APDS rounds fire from a distance. An NBC system, a laser warning device and two banks of smoke grenade dischargers are fitted.


The Type 89 has a high level of mobility. The tracked chassis results in a good off road performance. The maximum speed is 70 km/h. A 600 hp diesel provides propulsion.


The Type 89 is only used by the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force. Over 70 vehicles have been produced and the total requirement is 300 units. It seems unlikely that the whole order will be fulfilled. It is expected that a lower cost wheeled infantry fighting vehicle will fulfill most of the requirement.


Type 89

The Type 89 is a mechanized infantry fighting vehicle. It is very well armed with a 35mm KDE autocannon, 7.62mm Type 74 coaxial machine gun and Jyu-MAT anti-tank missiles. There are no variants of the Type 89, although some automotive components are used in the Type 96 self-propelled mortar.

TypeMechanized infantry combat vehicle
Crew3 + 7 (commander, driver, gunner, 7 infantry)
Length6.7 m
Width3.20 m
Height2.50 m (turret top), 2.75 m (overall)
Ground clearance0.45 m
Weight27.0 t combat load
Ground pressure0.73 kg/cm2
WheelbaseTracked chassis, 6 roadwheels, drive sprocket front, idler rear, 4.00 m length, 0.45 m width, 2.68 m track
Turn radius?
Engine6SY 31WA diesel, 600 hp at 2.000 rpm
Power ratio22.2 hp/t
Speed70 km/h, 42 km/h reverse
Wall0.8 m
Trench2.4 m
Gradient60% gradient, 30% slope
Fording1 m
NBC equipmentYes
Night visionYes
Smoke2x3 smoke grenade dischargers
Armament35mm KDE autocannon
7.62mm Type 74 coaxial MG
Jyu-MAT anti-tank missile (2x)
Weapon135mm KDE autocannon in turret
360° traverse, powered
Weapon27.62mm Type 74 coaxial machine gun
elevation and traverse as main armament
Weapon3Jyu-MAT anti-tank missile at turret sides
>2 carried, 2 ready to fire
traverse as turret

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