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CASA C-295

General Facts

  • TYPE
    Transport aircraft


    C-105A Amazona (C-295M in Brazilian service)
    T.21 (C-295M in Spanish service)

    Early 1990’s - 2001


    2001 - present

    Spain - Airbus Military (EADS-CASA)

    78, more under construction


    Good cargo capacity
    STOL capability
    Good maneuverability
    Maritime patrol version available
    Limited range at full load


The C-295 is a modern transport aircraft of Spanish origin. It was developed in the mid 1990’s as a newer, larger and more capable alternative to the successful CN-235. A maritime patrol version has been developed using the same airframe.


The C-295 is based on the earlier CN-235 but has a much longer fuselage. The wings are fitted on top of the fuselage and at there rear there is a large loading ramp. Two Pratt & Whitney PW127G turboprops provide propulsion and are fitted with six blade propellers. A glass cockpit is standard and flares and self-defense systems are fitted.


In the maritime patrol version the C-295 is fitted with a wide range of sensors that include radar, optics, sonobuoys and sigint equipment. A range of lightweight torpedoes for use against submarines can be carried under the wings. Anti-ship missiles can be fitted for surface targets.


The C-295 may carry up to 9.25 t of cargo, but with maximum load the range is significantly reduced. In troop carrying configuration there are seats for up to 75 passengers. When transporting paratroopers benches are fitted alongside the fuselage for up to 48 soldiers. In the cargo configuration it may carry five large pallets, three Land Rovers or equivalent loads.


The C-295 has STOL capability and only needs 320 m runway for landing and 670 m for take-off. The cruise speed is 480 km/h and the ferry range is 5.630 km. The maneuverability is good and 3G turns can be executed at low level.


The first units were delivered to Spain in 2001 and production is expected to continue for many years to come. The C-295 is used by over a dozen air forces and is mainly found in Europe, North Africa and South America.



The C-295M is the standard military cargo version of the C-295. It can be configured as troop transport with seats, for paratrooper use with benches and for transport with an empty cargo area.

TypeTransport aircraft
Crew2 + 75 (pilot, copilot, 75 passengers)
Length24.45 m
Width25.81 m wingspan, 10.6 m tailplane, 2.7 m fuselage
Height8.66 m
Surface59 m2
Weight23.2 t MTOW
Powerplant2x Pratt & Whitney PW127G turboprop, 2.645 hp each
Speed576 km/h maximum, 480 km/h cruise
Range5.630 km empty, 4.300 km with 4.5 t payload, 1.330 km maximum payload
Fuel7.700 L
Climb rate?
Landing gearRetractable tricycle, double wheels front, tandem rear
Cargo9.25 t maximum, 75 passengers, 48 paratroopers, 27 stretchers, 3 Land Rovers
Remarks670 m take-off run, 320 m landing run
Weapon systems-
Fixed weapons-
Option 1-
Option 2-
Option 3-
Option 4-
Option 5-
Option 6-
Option 7-
Option 8-


The C-295MPA Persuader is a dedicated maritime patrol version of the C-295. The mission equipment is based on the earlier CN-235MPA and consists of radar, optics, sonobuoys and sigint equipment. Six hardpoints allow for a variety of anti-ship missiles, torpedoes, mines, depth charges and recce and jamming pods.


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