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Kora class

General Facts

  • TYPE


    Project 25A (development name)

    Late 1980's

    Indian Naval Design Bureau

    1990 - 2001 (4 for India)
    2013 - ? (2 for Maritius)

    India - Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Limited

    4 produced, 2 on order.

    About $ 44 million per unit.

    Well armed against surface targets
    Limited production costs
    Large crew required
    Limited air defence capability
    No ASW capability


The Kora class is a modern class of corvettes of Indian origin. They are primarily used as well armed surface combattants. They feature only limited air defence and anti-submarine capabilities. The choice for proven conventional design elements resulted in limited acquisition costs. However, issues with weapon system integration resulted in a long delivery time.


The Kora class has a conventional classic design that is a further development of the older Khukri class. A 76mm gun is located at the front, anti-ship missiled are fitted in front of the superstructure and a helicopter deck is mounted aft. A single Chetak or Dhruv helicopter can be carried.


The main armament consists of four quadruple KT-184 launchers for the 3M24 Uran (SS-N-25 Switchblade) anti-ship missiles. These subsonic missiles have a 130 km range. Gun armament consists of a single 76mm AK-176M or 76mm Oto Melara dual purpose cannon. Self defence is provided by two 30mm AK-630 close-in weapon systems and shoulder launched Strela-2M (SA-7 Grail) or Igla-1E (SA-16 Gimlet) missiles.


The Kora class is fitted with a basic sensor suite. The main sensors are the air search radar and surface search radar. Further systems include a combat data system, ESM system and fire control radar for the 76mm gun and CIWS. Countermeasures include PK 10 chaff launchers and a towed torpedo decoy.


The Kora class is powered by two 7.200 hp diesel engines that power two shafts. A maximum speed of 25 knots can be achieved. Operational range is 4000 miles at 16 knots.


All four operational Kora class corvettes are used by the Indian navy. They will remain in service in the foreseeable future. In 2012 two vessels were ordered by Mauritius in an unknown configuration.


Kora class

The Kora class is easily recognized by the row of four quadruple anti-ship missile launchers in front of the superstructure and the raised helicopter deck aft.

The Kora class has been built in only a single version. The only major difference among the 4 sister ships is that the lead ship is fitted with a Russian AK-176M cannon, while the rest of the class is fitted with the Italian 76mm Oto Melara model.

The Mauritian order is of unknown configuration and may differ from the Indian configuration.


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