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Recent Additions

AS Val

The AS Val is a silenced assault rifle of Soviet origin. It was developed in the 1980's to be used in urban combat and the reconnaissance role. The name AS stands for "Avtomat Special'nyj", which is Russian for "special automatic rifle". The nickname "Val" means "shaft" and refers to the prominent silencer. The AS Val stems from the VSS Vintorez silenced sniper rifle and has a 70% parts commonality.

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The ZBD04A is a modern mechanized infantry combat vehicle of Chinese origin. The ZBD04A is the successor of the ZBD04 and trades in its amphibious capability for an increased protection level. Some sources use the name ZBD08 for this vehicle, but apparently that designation is not used by the PLA.

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SU 60

The SU 60 is an early Cold War era armored personnel carrier of Japanese origin. It was developed in the late 1950's to become the standard armored personnel carrier in Japanese service. Over time it has been supplemented and replaced by the more capable Type 73.

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Project 1144 Orlan class

The Project 1144 Orlan is a late Cold War era class of cruiser of Soviet origin. The name Kirov is the Western designation for the Project 1144 Orlan (Sea Eagle). This is the largest class of missile cruiser ever developed. This was due to ever increasing demands for armament and sensors for all domains: surface warfare, aera air defense and anti-submarine warfare. In Russia this type of ship is referred to as a heavy nuclear powered missile cruiser. Due to its size and displacement the Project 1144 class is sometimes referred to as a battlecruiser.

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