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3K60 Bal

NATO: SSC-6 Sennight


3K60 Bal launch vehicle

Left side view of 3K60 Bal launch vehicle in the firing position. Note that only 4 of its 8 missiles are loaded.
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Coastal defense system
Entered service
In service
Mid 1990's to mid 2000's
Design project
Russian state trails
Russia - KBM Kolomna
Mid 2000's - present
Russia - Agat
Number produced
Well over 20 launch vehicles produced to date.
SSC-6 Sennight (NATO reporting name)
3K60 (GRAU index)
Nickname, Russian for "ball"
Bal-E (Export variant)



The 3K60 Bal is a modern coastal defense system of Russian origin. It was developed in the 1990's as a possible replacement for the 4K51 Rubezh system and for export sales. The Bal uses the Kh-35 Uran (3M24) subsonic anti-ship missile, which has a roughly similar performance as the American RGM-84 Harpoon and French MM-40 Exocet. Compared to the contemporary Russian 3K55 Bastion system the 3K60 Bal is less capable, but also less complex and much cheaper.


A Bal battery consists of a command vehicle, two missile launch vehicles and two transloaders. A coastal defense unit usually consists of two batteries. All vehicles are based on the MZKT-7930 8x8 truck chassis. The command vehicle is fitted with a large NBC protected shelter. The launch vehicles carry up to 8 Kh-35 missiles and feature a smaller shelter. The transloaders carry up to 8 missiles and are fitted with a crane.


The maximum range of the Kh-35 missile is 120 km. The Kh-35 is a sea skimming missile that flies at Mach 0.8. Since the missile is dependent on radar data the range is limited to the effectiveness of the coastal radar systems. The 145 kg shaped charge high explosive warhead is effective against medium sized naval targets, such as frigates. All 16 missiles may be fired in a single volley against multiple targets in order to saturate the target's air defense.


The command center is fitted with a Garpun surface search radar. The Kh-35 missiles use inertial guidance and active radar homing in the terminal phase. The effective range of the missile's radar is about 20 km. Instead of the Bal command center the Monolit-B active and passive over the horizon surface search system can also be used.


Since the Bal system is based on the MZKT-7930 8x8 truck chassis it has good all terrain mobility. The combat effectiveness and survivability of the Bal is based on its mobility. It takes less than 10 minutes for the Bal system to be set up for combat operations.


The 3K60 is used by the Russian navy, which operates 4 units with 4 launch vehicles each. The 3K60 has also been exported to several nations.

System composition

3K60 Bal system

Line up of a 3K60 Bal system. With from left to right the launch vehicle, transloader and Monolit-B instead of the regular command post with Garpun radar.
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System composition

A typical 3K60 Bal system consists of the following components:
1x command vehicle on MZKT-7930 chassis
2x launch vehicle on MZKT-7930 chassis
2x transloader on MZKT-7930 chassis


3K60 Bal
Domestic model of the Bal system used by Russian forces.
Export model using export grade components such as the Garpun-E radar and 3M24E missiles.


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