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40mm Fast Forty

Single Fast Forty


40mm Single Fast Forty

40mm Single Fast Forty naval gun turret seen on a test mount.
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Close-in weapon system
Naval gun
Entered service
Breda Meccanica Bresciana
Mid to late 1980's
Italy - Breda Meccanica Bresciana
1990's - ?
Italy - Breda Meccanica Bresciana (Otobreda after 2001)
Number produced
1 or more Fast Forty mounts
8 or more Single Fast Forty mounts
Notable users



The Fast Forty is a modern era naval gun or close-in weapon system of Italian origin. It was developed as a private venture from the existing Dardo twin 40mm L/70 gun mount, which was successful in export sales. The Fast Forty was however produced only in limited numbers.


The Fast Forty is a further development of the existing Dardo twin 40mm gun mount that is improved in two areas to make it more effective as a close-in weapon system. The rate of fire has been increased by 50% and a secondary magazine was added for quick change in ammunition type. The idea was to combine longer range proximity fuse ammunition with APFSDS rounds and their close-in destructive power. An alternative ideas was that with increased rate of fire a single gun mount would suffice for smaller and auxiliary vessels. This was developed with both remote control only and local control options.

Fire control

The Fast Forty mount is remote control only and is meant to be used with external fire control radar in order to serve as a true close-in weapon system. An optronic director for manual targeting by an operator is a secondary control option. The Single Fast Forty comes in a remote control configuration and two local control options, differing in quality of local fire control.


Fast Forty is a further development of the Compatto Bitubo with its combined 600 rpm rate of fire. In the Fast Forty configuration the cyclic rate of fire is significantly increased to 900 rpm. The Single Fast Forty has a 450 rpm cyclic rate of fire. Practical effective range is 6 km against larger surface vessel and up to 4 km against aerial targets. The Fast Forty adds a magazine for APFSDS ammunition and automatically switches as soon as inbound anti-ship missiles are about 1 km away from the vessel.


The Fast Forty was meant as secondary armament for corvettes, frigates, destroyers and large surface vessels. The Single Fast Forty is aimed at the market for patrol craft, fast missile boats and auxiliary vessels that need suitable protection.


Whereas the previous 40mm Compatto / Dardo mount was produced in large numbers for many clients, the Fast Forty was not successful in domestic and export sales. Few of these mounts have been produced, including a single Fast Forty mount for a frigate in use with Bangladesh and several Single Fast Forty mounts for Kuwait.


40mm Fast Forty

Updated twin gun Compatto mount. Looks very similar, but has a slightly different shape turret dome due to the second magazines located on either side of the barrel for armor piercing rounds. Combined cyclic rate of fire is 900 rpm. First marketed in the mid 1980's. Produced in the same Type A and Type B below deck ammunition configurations as the Compatto.

40mm Single Fast Forty

Reduced size and weight Fast Forty mount with single gun. Cyclic rate of fire is 450 rpm. First marketed in 1989. Marketed in three versions. These include remote control only, local control and local control with ballistic computer. The remote control turret was at a later stage also marketed with a stealth cupola.


Facts 40mm Fast Forty
Naval gun turret
Gun type
2x 40mm Bofors L/70
Ammunition type
Rate of fire
900 rpm combined
450 rpm per gun
6 km against surface targets
3 to 4 km against aerial targets
12.5 km theoretical range
8.7 km theoretical altitude
Muzzle velocity
About 1.000 m/s for PFHE
Over 1.200 m/s for APFSDS
Feed mechanism
Linkless feed system
736 rounds total with Type A below deck magazine, plus 200 round APFSDS magazine
444 rounds total with Type B below deck magazine, plus 200 round APFSDS magazine
360°, powered
Traverse rate
100°/s with 120°/s² acceleration
-13° to +85°, powered
Elevation rate
60°/s with 120°/s² acceleration
None on mount
Fire control
External fire control
RTN-10X fire control radar and Dardo fire control for use as CIWS
5.6 t (Type A) or 5.4 t (Type B) empty
7.4 t (Type A) or 6.5 t (Type B) with ammunition
Additional weight for external fire control
4.6 m with guns horizontal
1.7 m turret radius
2.4 m above deck
Deck penetration
1.3 m for Type A
0.92 m for Type B


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