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Mark 13 GMLS

Mark 22 GMLS


Mark 13 GMLS with RGM-84A Harpoon

Mark 13 GMLS seen with RGM-84A Harpoon anti-ship missile on a Charles F. Adams class destroyer in 1990.
Source: US Navy - © Public domain

United States
Naval SAM system
Entered service
1962 for Mark 13
1966 for Mark 22
In service
Late 1950's - Early 1960's
United States - FMC
Early 1960's - 1981
United States - FMC (later part of United Defense)
Number produced
112 Mark 13 GMLS
11 Mark 22 GMLS
GMLS / Guided Missile Launching System
Notable users
United States


Mark 13 GMLS

Single arm launcher with 40 missile below deck magazine. The missiles are stored in two rings of 16 (inner) and 24 (outer) missiles, which rotate towards the hoisting position. The Mod 0 to Mod 3 variants are compatible with RIM-66 Standard and RIM-24 Tartar missiles. The Mod 4 to Mod 7 use the RIM-66 Standard and RGM-84 Harpoon missiles.

Mark 22 GMLS

Single arm launcher with reduced below deck footprint. Only the 16-round inner missile storage is present. The magazine is fixed position and the launcher rotates to the position over the next missile to be hoisted onto the launcher. The Mark 22 was only ever compatible with RIM-24 Tartar and RIM-66 Standard, but not the RGM-84 Harpoon.


Facts Mark 13 GMLS Mark 22 GMLS
United States
Naval missile launching system
Module diameter
5.08 m for Mod 1 to 3
5.15 m for Mod 4
Module height
5.80 m below deck
3.15 m to top of trunnion
85 t loaded
Single arm launcher
Traverse rate
-15° to +95°
Elevation rate
Rotating vertical stowage magazine
40 missiles in horizontal below deck magazine
24 in outer ring, 16 in inner ring
Missile types
RIM-24 Tartar in Mod 0 to 3
RIM-66 Standard SM-1MR in all Mods
RGM-84 Harpoon in Mod 4 to 7
Launch interval
10 seconds for RIM-24/RIM-66 in Mod 0 to 3
8 seconds for RIM-66 Standard in Mod 4 to 7
22 seconds for RGM-84 Harpoon in Mod 4 to 7

Ammunition types

RIM-24 Tartar

The Mark 13 GMLS was developed as a compact alternative to the Mark 11 twin arm launcher for the RIM-24 Tartar short to medium range surface to air missile.

RIM-66 Standard SM-1MR

The main role for the Mark 13 GMLS was to launch the RIM-66 Standard SM-1MR surface to air missile. The Standard missile had similar outer dimensions as the Tartar in order to be retrofitted to existing launch systems.

RGM-84 Harpoon

The Harpoon subsonic sea skimming anti-ship missile can be launched from the Mark 13 GMLS Mod 4 to Mod 7 launchers.



Mark 13 GMLS

Oliver Hazard Perry class

American class of frigates fitted with Mark 13 Mod 4 launcher for a usual mix of 36 Standard SM-1MR and 4 Harpoon missiles. With a total of 71 ships in class, including a mix of foreign built variants, these make up over half of all the Mark 13 GMLS ever produced.

Santa María class

Spanish-built derivative of the American Oliver Hazard Perry class. Fitted with Mark 13 Mod 4 launcher. Carries a mix of 32 Standard SM-1MR and 8 Harpoon missiles.

Tromp class

Dutch class of air defense frigate. Notable for their large radome. Two ships in class. Fitted with Mark 13 Mod 4 launcher with entire magazine used for SM-1MR missiles.

Hatakaze class

Japanese class of destroyer. Two ships in class. Fitted with Mark 13 Mod 4 launcher with entire magazine used for SM-1MR missiles.

Mark 22 GMLS

Baleares class

Spanish class of frigate. Armed with Mk 22 Mod 0 launcher for 16 Standard SM-1MR missiles.

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