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McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle


F-15E Strike Eagle

US Air Force F-15E Strike Eagle releasing a GBU-28 guided bomb.

Source: U.S. Air Force, Tech. Sgt. Michael Ammons - © Public domain

United States
Multirole fighter aircraft
Entered service
In service
1981 - late 1980's
December 1986 (first flight)
United States - McDonnell Douglas
1985 - 2001 for F-15E
1996 - 1998 for F-15S
2008 - 2018? for F-15SG
United States - McDonnell Douglas
Number produced
236 F-15E
25 F-15I
61 F-15K
72 F-15S
24 F-15SG, total of 40 planned
Hebrew for "thunder"
F-15T (early name for F-15SG)
F-15XP (early name for F-15S)


F-15E Strike Eagle

US Air Force F-15E Strike Eagle during take off.

Source: U.S. Air Force, Staff Sgt. William Greer - © Public domain

List of variants of the F-15E Strike Eagle

F-15E Strike Eagle
Original US variant of the F-15 Eagle for use in the strike role.
F-15I Ra'am
Israeli variant of the Strike Eagle. Features many subsystems and armament of Israeli design.
F-15K Slam Eagle
South Korean export model of the F-15E Strike Eagle. Partly produced and assembled in South Korea.
F-15SG Strike Eagle
Export model of the F-15E for Singapore.
F-15S Strike Eagle
Saudi export model of the F-15E Strike Eagle. Unlike the F-15I and K it is nearly identical to the US F-15E.
F-15SA Strike Eagle
Advanced version of the F-15S developed for Saudi Arabia.
F-15QA Strike Eagle
Export model for Qatar, with many of the features incorporated in the F-15SA.


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The F-15E Strike Eagle is based on the earlier F-15 Eagle airframe. Where the Strike Eagle is a multirole aircraft the earlier F-15's are dedicated air superiority fighters.

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The Advanced Eagle is a further development of the Strike Eagle. It features a new cockpit design, improved flight controls, newer radar and various other systems.