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FAB-500 M62

Forward view of FAB-500 M62 general purpose bomb.
Source: Alex Volkov - © copyright lies with original owner

Soviet Union
Aviation bomb
Entered service
In service
Late 1950's
Soviet Union - Bazalt
Early 1960's - present
Soviet Union - Bazalt
Russia - Bazalt
Number produced
Produced in large quantities
ФАБ / Фугасная Авиационная Бомба
FAB / Fugasnaya Aviatsionnaya Bomba
Russian for "high explosive aviation bomb"
Notable users
Soviet Union



The FAB M62 is a series of general purpose bombs of Soviet origin. As indicated by its designation the M62 series was introduced in the early 1960's. Their more aerodynamic design makes them more suitable for use on supersonic aircraft. The M62 family consist of a 100, 250, 500 and 1.000 kg version of which the FAB-250 M62 and FAB-500 M62 are most common


The FAB M62 series of general purpose bombs is an improvement over the previous generations in two ways. First of all it is much more aerodynamic and has a reduced drag, especially at high speeds. Secondly the M62 series is filled with a more powerful type of explosive. The bombs feature a rather smooth nose cone and have four tailfins with a small ring at the end. The bombs are dropped using a bomb sight or bombing computer and do not feature any type of guidance.


The FAB M62 series comes in four versions ranging from 100 to 1.000 kg. Roughly half the weight is made up out of high explosive, which is also more powerful than previous generations. The bombs can be released at altitudes between 500 meters and 12 km and at speeds ranging from 500 to 1.100 km/h. The kill radius of the FAB-250 and FAB-500 are given as 100 and 140 meters for soft skinned material and 33 and 60 meters for light armored vehicles.


The FAB M62 is usually carried on hardpoints on the wingd or on the fuselage of fighter and bomber aircraft and can also be loaded in the bomb bays of most bomber aircraft. The FAB M62 series is used on the Su-17 Fitter, Su-25 Frogfoot, MiG-21 Fishbed, MiG-23 Flogger, MiG-29 Flanker, MiG-25 Foxbat, Su-24 Fencer, Tu-16 Badger, Tu-95 Bear, many older fighter and bomber aircraft and various foreign models. Helicopters such as the Mi-24 Hind can also carry free fall bombs, although this practice is uncommon.


The FAB M62 is a common series of free fall bombs. Production numbers have not been as high as the FAB M54 series since guided munitions and air to ground missiles have reduced the need for general purpose dumb bombs. The M62 was acquired in large quantities by Soviet forces and remains in Russian service today. The FAB M62 was likely to be exported alongside each type of Soviet fighter and bomber aircraft and can therefore be found in large quantities in Eastern Europe and nations that had ties with the USSR.


FAB-500 M62

A FAB-500 M62 bomb alongside other bombs at the MAKS 2009 air show.
Source: Vitaly V. Kuzmin - © copyright lies with original owner

The FAB M62 series of general purpose bombs look alike but differ in size and weight. The M62 series can be identified by their streamlined nose in combination with the same tailfin setup as fount on earlier series of Soviet bombs.

FAB-100 M62
The smallest M62 bomb weighing about 100 kg. Often carried on racks with multiple bombs.
FAB-250 M62
Very common version weighing about 250 kg. Often carried on racks with multiple bombs, or in tandem on a single pylon.
FAB-500 M62
The most common M62 bomb with a weight of about 500 kg.
FAB-1000 M62
The largest version of the M62 family with a weight of about 1.000 kg. Is usually only carried by bomber aircraft.
Variant of the FAB-500 M62 for use by very fast supersonic aircraft, such as the MiG-25RB. Nosecone and tail are made of heat resistant material in order to handle drag. These bombs are intended to be lobbed from great distance and impact the target area at supersonic speeds.


Facts FAB-100 M62 FAB-250 M62 FAB-500 M62 FAB-1000 M62 FAB-500T
Soviet Union
Freefall aviation bomb
99.8 kg
1.69 m
0.216 m
Within body diameter
Lug spacing
250 mm
Guidance mode
None, free fall bomb
Warhead type
High explosive
Warhead weight
44.9 kg
Launch envelope
Release altitude
12 km maximum
0.5 m minimum
Release speed
1.180 km/h maximum
500 km/h minimum


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The FAB M62 series was developed to supplement the FAB M54 series of general purpose aviation bombs. The M54 series has a stubbier design and is meant to be carried in a bomb bay or at subsonic speeds.

Mark 80

The FAB M62 series can be considered the Soviet counterpart to the American Mark 80 series of aerodynamically shaped general purpose bombs.