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Type 77

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Type 77

Side view of a Type 77 heavy machine gun with tripod in the anti-aircraft position.
Source: Chinese internet - © Copyright lies with original owner

Heavy machine gun
Entered service
Early 1980's
In service
1971 - 1977 for Type 77
1981 - 1985 for Type 85
China - Hunan Ordnance Zijiang Machinery
1980 - 1985 for Type 77
1985 - 1990 for Type 85
China - Hunan Ordnance Zijiang Machinery
Number produced
At least several thousand
QJG77 | QJG 85 (new Chinese naming system)
Notable users
Congo, Democratic Republic



The Type 77 is a heavy machine gun of Chinese origin. It was developed in the mid-1970's to replace the Type 54 (DShK) as a crew served weapon. As an infantry weapon on tripod mount it was to be as light as possible, at the cost of volume of fire. With its new tripod the Type 77 weight half as much as the old Type 54, making it much easier to carry in the field. The original Type 77 did not perform as well as expected, but the later Type 85 improved the performance.


In order to save weight the Type 77 has a very unusual design. It is gas operated and uses a direct impingement gas system. The long tubular receiver houses the bolt with its flapper locking system. This results in very few moving parts and a long and slim receiver. Iron sights are fitted. A mount for day and night optics or special anti-aircraft sights is standard. For infantry use the Type 77 is fitted with spade grips and a shoulder stock and is mounted on a tripod. The low profile tripod can be put in an elevated position for anti-aircraft use.


The Type 77 fires the 12.7x108mm Soviet round from 50, 60 or 80 round belts. It is able to fire the standard Chinese Type 54 round as well as more modern armor piercing ammunition. The cyclic rate of fire is quite high at 650 to 700 rounds per minute. There is no semi-automatic fire mode. As the barrel is thinner it heats up faster than the old Type 54 (DShK) it replaced. This makes the Type 77 not that suitable for sustained fire.


The Type 77 and the Type 85 are the were adopted for use as tripod mounted heavy machine gun for use by several types of Chinese infantry units. These are mostly light or specialist units like mountain troops. Since most 12.7mm machine guns in Chinese service are vehicle mounted, the Type 54 and QJC88 far more common in Chinese service. In Chinese service the even lighter QJC89 is the replacement for these weapons. The Type 77 and Type 85 have been exported and are still available for export. In various African conflicts these weapons are used by both government and irregular forces.


Type 77

The Type 77 is the original model of the lightweight 12.7mm heavy machine gun. It can be distinguished by its pepperpot muzzle brake and large charging handle below the receiver. The Type 77 was in production for only several years until it was replaced by the Type 85.

Type 85

The Type 85 is the improved version of the Type 77. It has a more conventional muzzle brake and the charging handle has been removed. To cock the weapon the entire trigger unit is moved forward and back. The Type 85 is available for export in the standard version using the 12.7x108mm Soviet round and as the W95 using the 12.7x99mm NATO round.


Facts Type 77 Type 85
Heavy machine gun
12.7x108mm Soviet
Feed system
Belt fed, 60 round belts
Barrel length
1.016 mm
Right hand twist
Muzzle velocity
825 m/s
Gas operated, direct impingement, fires from open bolt
Flapper locking
Fire selector
0 - F
Rate of fire
650 - 700 rpm
Stock type
2.15 m
28 kg weapon only
28.3 kg tripod
Iron sights
Optional 2x optical sight
Optional night vision sight

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